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Nursing Care

Moorland Gardens Nursing Home provides 24-hour nursing care for service users with specific medical and nursing needs.

We cater to service users who require nursing care for various reasons, including the administration of intravenous medications and wound care, and for service users who may have complex medical conditions or ongoing health issues.

We work closely and collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, such as physicians, physical therapists, and social workers, to create comprehensive care plans tailored to each individual’s needs.

Key aspects of our nursing approach, include:

Medication Management: Our Nurses ensure that service users receive the prescribed medications, administer injections if needed, and monitor for any side effects or adverse reactions.

Wound Care: Management and treatment of wounds, pressure ulcers, to promote healing and prevent infections.

Monitoring Vital Signs: Regularly checking and recording vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiratory rate to assess the overall health of service users.

Chronic Disease Management: Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, including regular monitoring and coordination of care with physicians.

Rehabilitation: Through partnerships with the NHS Trust and Local Authority, we provide physical, occupational, or speech therapy to aid in recovery from injury or illness and improve service user’s functional abilities.

Pain Management: Ensuring service users receive appropriate pain relief and addressing any discomfort or pain-related concerns.

Medical Assessments: Conducting regular assessments to monitor service user’s health and make necessary adjustments to their care plans.

End-of-Life Care: Offering compassionate care and support to service users in their final stages of life, which may involve palliative care and pain management.

Infection Control: Implementing infection prevention measures to reduce the risk of contagious illnesses spreading within the facility.

Emergency Response: Being prepared to respond to medical emergencies and coordinating with emergency medical services when needed.

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