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Life at Moorland Garden

At Moorland Garden, we take pride in offering an array of facilities to enhance your stay and make it truly enjoyable. Our facilities include day spaces throughout the care home for relaxation, socializing, and various activities.

Our Exceptional Facilities

You can enjoy the serene beauty of our garden from our protected patio area, indulge in self-care and grooming at our onsite hair and nail salon, and experience movie nights and entertainment in our dedicated cinema room.

We provide three lifts for easy accessibility to different areas of the facility, ensuring convenience and mobility for our service users. Additionally, you can explore our vast two-acre garden, offering leisurely strolls, the beauty of nature, and a space to relax in the great outdoors.

These facilities are thoughtfully designed to ensure your comfort, enjoyment, and fulfilment during your stay at Moorland Garden. We are committed to providing everything you need to make you feel at home.

Experience Luxury and Comfort in Your Bedroom

At Moorland Garden, we understand that every service user has unique preferences and needs. That’s why we offer a range of bedroom options to cater to your individual requirements and desires, with choices like Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

A Personal Oasis: Each of our bedrooms is designed to be your personal oasis. You’ll find modern wet rooms for your convenience, ensuring your comfort and safety. Entertainment is at your fingertips with a TV that provides access to over 140 channels, along with popular media streaming services like Netflix and Amazon.

Stay connected with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and have the convenience of your own telephone extension should you desire. Our infrastructure is even ready for Sky subscription, ensuring you have the entertainment options you prefer.

A Touch of Home: Our aim is to create a homely and comfortable environment, making your stay with us feel like home. You’re encouraged to bring your own personal belongings and decorations to personalise your space and truly make it your own.

At Moorland Garden, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We believe that the place you call home should reflect your unique tastes and needs. We’re here to make that a reality for you.

Dining at Moorland Garden

Our dining experience is all about personalisation and variety. With daily menus tailored to individual preferences and dislikes, we offer three main meals, snacks throughout the day, and classic afternoon tea with sandwiches and scones. If you’re in the mood for a specific snack not on the menu, our dedicated hospitality team will do their best to accommodate your cravings. Plus, we’re well-prepared to cater to specific medical dietary needs, ensuring a comfortable dining experience for all Enhancing Quality of Life through Innovative Care.

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Engaging Activities for Enriched Living

At Moorland Garden, we believe in the power of social activities to create a vibrant and fulfilling living experience for our service users. Our daily activities and events are thoughtfully designed to foster interaction, engagement, and a sense of belonging. We offer a wide range of activities, including joining our book club, exploring the local community on group outings, unleashing creativity through arts and crafts, staying active with gentle exercise sessions, engaging in stimulating group discussions and debates on meaningful topics, challenging your mind with brain teasers and games, enjoying live performances and outside entertainment acts, and experiencing the magic of our large in-house cinema room. We also warmly invite family and friends to join in these activities, both within and outside the home, as we believe that every day at Moorland Garden is an opportunity for connection, exploration, and joyful living.

Enhancing Quality of Life through Innovative Care

At Moorland Garden Nursing Home, we prioritise the well-being and safety of our service users. Our commitment to providing exceptional care is underpinned by cutting-edge technology that allows us to deliver the highest standards of service.

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Falls Detection and Prevention

Our proactive falls detection solution utilises touchless sensors to provide an early warning system. This system not only prevents long periods spent in bed but also alerts our caregivers to concealed falls and imminent bed exits. In addition, automatic night lights installed beneath beds ensure our service users move safely within their rooms, catering to their unique needs and enhancing their safety, health, and overall well-being.

AI-Guided Vitals Monitoring and Disease Detection

We understand the importance of early detection and timely intervention in maintaining our service users’ health. Our AI-guided tools allow us to monitor vital signs, ranging from once a month to up to six times a day, depending on individual requirements. This approach helps us identify signs of deterioration and illnesses at an early stage, enabling us to provide clinical responses or caregiver support. In some cases, treatment can commence even before physical symptoms manifest, ensuring our service users receive the best possible care.

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Pressure Care

Preventing pressure sores is a priority for us. We diligently track pressure changes in our service users’ beds to ensure they enjoy sufficient movement and comfort. Our technology can also detect any moisture in the bed, enabling our caregivers to provide timely assistance to our service users.

At Moorland Garden Nursing Home, we blend compassion with innovation to create a warm and secure environment for our service users. Our cutting-edge technology complements our dedicated staff, ensuring the best possible care and peace of mind for service users and their families.

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